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Friday, December 23, 2005

Being the Monad

I am currently in my Thesis-writing mode and nothing can be more boring than just sitting and typing out scrolls of text. For me it is. So I decided to take breaks in between by doing something more interesting. Here I had a couple of options: WPF, Ruby or Monad.

1. I could learn more about Avalon (WPF). But I had done this before and I knew the fundamentals of XAML. So I decided to do this later.
2. I could learn more about Ruby. Again done this before, so was not too exciting. Thought I would learn more about Ruby on Rails, but again I was not too excited about that.
3. Finally I decided to explore Monad a.k.a Microsoft Shell (MSH). I first got excited by looking at Jefferey Snover's talks (here and here) on Channel9.

I am having fun exploring Monad. Today I read the book "Monad - by Andy Oakley, Oreilly Publications". Took me about 4 hrs to read cover to cover. It's a short book, about 200 pages with lots of coding examples.

Some more links to keep me going:
1. Monad General Page
2. Monad Tidbits
3. Digging .NET with Monad
4. Microsoft Script Center
5. Article about MSH on ArsTechnica