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Friday, December 23, 2005

Being the Monad

I am currently in my Thesis-writing mode and nothing can be more boring than just sitting and typing out scrolls of text. For me it is. So I decided to take breaks in between by doing something more interesting. Here I had a couple of options: WPF, Ruby or Monad.

1. I could learn more about Avalon (WPF). But I had done this before and I knew the fundamentals of XAML. So I decided to do this later.
2. I could learn more about Ruby. Again done this before, so was not too exciting. Thought I would learn more about Ruby on Rails, but again I was not too excited about that.
3. Finally I decided to explore Monad a.k.a Microsoft Shell (MSH). I first got excited by looking at Jefferey Snover's talks (here and here) on Channel9.

I am having fun exploring Monad. Today I read the book "Monad - by Andy Oakley, Oreilly Publications". Took me about 4 hrs to read cover to cover. It's a short book, about 200 pages with lots of coding examples.

Some more links to keep me going:
1. Monad General Page
2. Monad Tidbits
3. Digging .NET with Monad
4. Microsoft Script Center
5. Article about MSH on ArsTechnica

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Poster Presentation photo is online

I have been very busy for the last 2 months, working hard on my Master's Thesis. My advisor is happy with the results and I have started writing my Thesis. You can find more info at http://dotspect.tigris.org/

Also I noticed today that a poster I presented some time back for the Sigma Xi
2005 Research Day, is online. Have a look here and here