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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Use 'Bon Echo' WITH your extensions

I am a loyal FireFox user but over the last few months I am discomforted with the fact that v1.5.x takes up tons of memory. I have read about the memory leaks, tried lots of fixes (like decreasing the browser.cache.disk.capacity, trimming memory on minimize, etc.) but no change. FireFox still continues to be the hungry fox. It was not just the memory but also my CPU was serving like a slave, working at its full potential (100%) and causing a sluggish experience. Today I threw up my hands and decided to make the switch. Switch to FireFox 2.0 - Bon Echo (ya! still FireFox, not Opera, not IE).

The most important concern was whether my extensions will work -- which ofcourse turned out that they don't. With a little help from Google, I found out this site, that provides extensions for Bon Echo. All that it does is to bump the maxVersion tag in the XPI file. Fortunately I found all my extensions over there.

Its good to know there are already people on the cutting edge (no...bleeding edge)...good company is always welcome! Now I am back to HappyLand and there is more food (memory and CPU) for everyone.