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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Will Team System 2005 render NUnit useless?

Previously the most widely used tool for Unit testing with C# was NUnit. However with the introduction of the Team System 2005 by Microsoft, TDD has become tigthly integrated. It is now possible to do a wide variety of tasks:

  1. Point and click Test stub creation
  2. Visualize the code coverage
  3. Integrated Test Manager (TestRunner)
  4. Custom test list creation
  5. Both Manual and Automated testing support
  6. .... probably some more that I have missed
With such an integration, I wonder if any C# developer would continue using NUnit. Probably only to support the existing tests. But any new development will most probably use the Team System tools. The testing tools already look promising and they should only get better by the November 7 release of Visual Studio 2005.