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Monday, July 04, 2005

When will I own a Mac ?

Yes, I am a very visual person. I love looking at visually appealing things (living and inanimate: pun intended). When it comes to tech, Mac OSX beats everyone hands down. In general I love apple's product line of G5, Mac OSX, iPod. Although I practice Windows, I would love to preach Apple. I am not biased towards a particular technology or product. I can switch from one technology to another just in a snap when I am convinced that it rocks!.

With the Tiger release, Apple has done a phenomenal job of putting great stuff together. Apple has created such a high standard of software that the third-party applications are also equally good. Comic Life from Plasq.com has won the Apple Design Award and I am sure it would make anyone switch to Mac just to use it.

More cool stuff is yet to come with Dashboard Widgets. The ones that come with the OSX package are already mind-blowing. All this makes me drool. Wish I had enough bucks now to get one Mac for myself. Then lock myself with Internet and play around with it until I collapse with exhaustion. :)