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Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Install problem with WinFX December CTP

I am sure I am one of the hundreds who will be telling you about the December CTP release of WinFX SDK. I had my share of troubles installing it. I started by uninstalling my Nov CTP release and that went fine. After that was the install rounds of WinFX RC + Windows SDK. I could install WinFX easily but when I started the WinSDK, I got an error which said I should look at sample\html\configdetail.htm. I could not locate this file at the said location. After a Google search I found a newsgroup posting which talked about uninstalling any previous versions of the components including Monad (Microsoft Shell).

AHA! there was my answer. Monad. Fired up my Add/Remove programs and got rid of MSH. After that when I restarted the WinSDK installation, things
went smooth as butter. So the take away message is

"Get rid of all previous components, INCLUDING MSH!" (The emphasis in upper case is for me).