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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The last Redesign

As I approach towards my last day as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), I got assigned a final redesign task for sprucing up an email. This was going to be a memo that would be sent out to all the faculty at the Bauer School of Business (the place where I am a GTA). Since I had already done similar tasks before I got picked up for doing this...just when I thought I could catch a nap...@#@$#%#$ :-)


This is how the webpage looks before the redesign. Some of the things I had to change was the layout, images, header, and most importantly CSS-ifying the page.

The page was having a complex table-structure for layout -- which is definitely something the Web-Standards gurus won't appreciate. Plus, the markup was not semantic and had lot of elements just for styling (think lot of <FONT> tags). This really bloated the markup and the file size was about 7 Kb.

I am guessing somebody must have used FrontPage for this design ;-)


For the redesign, I decided to stick to a 2-column layout with the main-content in the left-column and a sidebar for the faculty testimonials. All the styling was done in CSS and the markup was made more semantic. This brought down the file size to around 3 Kb. The images were also changed: a new image for the Director and also a new banner image for the header. The images were floated to give the effect of flowing text. I also added some rounded corners for style.

Since the "Key Features" list was expanded to more than two, the page became longer and required scrolling. I have a couple of ways for dealing with that but for now I'll leave it as it is.

As an aside, I used the Consolas font for writing the markup and CSS. I think I like this font a lot and I am going to switch to that for my regular coding.