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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day of the install

Today has been pretty busy right from the morning. It all started from yesterday evening after the announcement of the betas (Vista, Office 2007 and WinFX). I decided to try out Office and WinFX. Fortunately Microsoft put out the Office betas out in the public (i.e. not requiring a MSDN subscription). I downloaded the installers for Office professional, Visio and OneNote. Late in the night when I had all of the office installers I loaded them onto my laptop. The installation was smooth without any hitch. I was already impressed looking at the Channel9 video of Outlook 2007 and then the official Office 2007 videos.

Today morning was the time for WinFX. I got rid of the previous versions of the runtime (Feb CTP), Windows SDK, Expression Interactive Designer (EID) and the Expression Graphic Designer (EGD). Just to be on the safer side I also downloaded the uninstall utility and ran it over after I had manually uninstalled from the Add/Remove programs. Meanwhile I was downloading the applications as per the links in this post. Once I had the installers I started with the WinFX installation. It ran fine for about 2 mins and then it crashed. I looked into the logs (stored in the %temp% directory) and found that it was crashing for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). I did a quick search on the MSDN forums and found that people had faced similar problems. That however didn’t help me, even after restarting installation a few times. I guess the problem has to be with an earlier install of Microsoft MAX. MAX installs its own WinFX runtime and I am thinking there must have been some sparks flying in the registry because of that.

After many failed attempts I decided to take the most drastic step…reinstall the OS. This was anyway long overdue. I had a ton of software piled up and I was also having some performance problems. Plus it always gives me a sublime feeling of starting on a clean OS ;) So there I was with my recovery disks, backing up data, formatting hard disks, reinstalling OS and then followed by a ton of software installs (betas of course included). With all that behind me, I am now typing this blog post …with a sign of relief…zzzzzZZZZZ