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Friday, February 24, 2006

Polarium Clone v1.0

I think I finally have a functional Polarium clone. The changes since the last build include:
  1. Error handling for invalid level-files
  2. Enabling/Disabling of buttons (Clear, Level)
  3. Polished UI - removed the title bar and replaced with a custom one, changed some graphics
  4. Added a help button on the titlebar, clicking on which takes you to the Polarium Wiki page. This is useful for people who haven't played Polarium before. It will help them learn the rules.
  5. Created 5 stock levels. They are all .pl files in the /Levels folder.

1. Main window

2. Loading an invalid file

I guess it is now time to sanitize the code!

Update: You can now play this game by downloading the Source and Binaries!