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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Resources for 3D in WPF

3D is one area of WPF that I haven't explored much. Although I have a top-level idea of the concepts, I haven't done any hands-on work to learn more. So now is the time. Here are couple of resources for my own reference. I will update this as I find more.
  1. Starting point: MSDN article on 2D and 3D graphics in WPF
  2. 3D Graphics samples - WPF tech samples
  3. Tim Sneath - Five Great WPF 3D Nuggets
  4. CodeProject article on 3D in XAML
  5. First look at 3D support in Avalon (MSDN Technical Article)
  6. Creating 2D and 3D animations in Avalon (MSDN Tech Article)