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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A simple iBlok Mod

After getting my WinFX runtime installed, I decided to try out the iBloks Beta (yet another of all the floating Betas!). iBloks looks more of an app for kids. It provides a pretty simple interface to drag and drop media content onto a MOD. Currently there are a couple of mods available like Dancing Man, Hearts, Cube, etc. Each of these mods have one or more plain surfaces onto which one can drag media content (photos, videos, text).

Choosing the media is also pretty straightforward. On the lower part of the window, there is a tabbed interface to switch between videos, photos, text, audio, etc. Once you have all of the media attached to the MOD, one can also share it or simply save to the local drive. Of all the mods I personally like the Dancing Man…for a simple reason…it has more surfaces to drag content to ;)

Dancing Man on the Ocean Theme